Methods And Apparatus For Multiple Beam Aperture(Methods And Apparatus For 2D Multi-Beam Aperture Using Single Controls At Each Element )(2D Multiple Beam Aperture Using Single Controls At Each Element)

Dynamically Correcting The Calibration Of A Phased Array Antenna System In Real Time To Compensate For Changes Of Array Temperature (A Method Of Maintaining Phase Array Calibration During Rapid Changes In Array Operating Temperature)

Acquiring A Frequency And Phase Offset Estimates Using Frequency Domain Analysis (Method And Apparatus For Feed-Forward Carrier Frequency And Phase Offset Recovery And Compensation In Receivers Operating In Low Signal-To-Noise-Ratios)

Method And Apparatus For Temperature Gradient Control In An Electronic System (Temperature Gradient Control With Local Heat Transfer Enhancement In Cooling Tubes Captured In An Aluminum Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite Body)